Top 10 Best Vertical Garden Ideas For Balcony

December 16th, 2021 | Post By Trilock
top vertical garden ideas for balcony

Space crunching should not obliterate your passion for gardening. If you love plants but don’t have a garden or even a terrace; a small balcony is sufficient to gratify your need. If you are thinking that you have to restrict yourself in two or three pots; then you are wrong my friend. Thanks to the vertical garden ideas for balconies, you can enjoy your green hobby in a very small space.

You just need a wall to hang plants and bingo your vertical garden wall is ready. All you need good sun exposure. Bright indirect sunlight is the best option for almost every plant. So, you will have ample choices to select the suitable plants for your vertical garden setup.

If you want, you can also have an indoor vertical garden as well. If the place is good-lit; then there will be no problem keeping the plants alive otherwise you need to arrange some artificial lighting. Surprisingly, you don’t need to limit yourself in fauna or flowers as you can have your own vertical kitchen garden also where you can grow herbs, leafy vegetables

So, without wasting much time, let’s dive into some excellent ideas. However, before starting; we should discuss some very important things that every vertical gardener must know.

Select the location: Not all walls are suitable for a vertical garden. You need to select it on the basis of light. Bright indirect sunlight is the most suitable for plants. The vertical garden on the balcony with good sun exposure is heaven for the plants. Apart from that, you need to decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor vertical garden.

Decide the Type: There are different types of the garden like flowers, annual, perennial, seasonal, fauna, kitchen, and many others. Before starting the project; you need to decide how you are going to have it and then only you can decide the best plants for the vertical garden.

Plant Selection: After deciding the type; you need to select the plants you are going to have. The most important thing is that selection is going to play a crucial part in the growth of the plants. Therefore, depending on the light and your requirement; you need to select the best plants for your vertical garden.

So, hope you are ready with your pick. Now start our journey to divulge 10 vertical garden ideas for balconies. 

1. Vertical Planter

vertical planter for balcony garden

If you want to grow herbs or leafy vegetables; then the vertical planter is the best option. You can grow herbs or leafy vegetables in them.

For a limited space; it is a nice option to get some herbs handy. Just make sure, there are holes to drain the extra water.

2. Shelves to keep pots:

Shelves to keep plant pots in balcony garden

You can make a DIY shelf or take the help of the carpenter to make shelves with holes for the pots. In this way, your plants will stay safe in all weather.

It is an excellent option to décor the space as well. You can colour the pots in different colours so that they will look bright and beautiful.

3. Ladder Planter Stand

Ladder Planter Stand for Balcony gardening

If you want an indoor vertical garden, then this ladder planter is an excellent choice.

You can keep colourful indoor plants on the shelf. If you keep this stand in a corner of your room, it will definitely be the show stopper.

4. Hanging from Railing


The railing is a nice benefit for the people who want a vertical garden on the balcony. Nowadays, there are so many different types of hanging planters available.

If you don’t want to spend money on it, then you can recycle the tin can as well. You just need to paint it and make a hole to hang them from the railing and beautiful planters for your seasonal flowers are ready.

5. Pallet Container Holder

Pallet Container Holder

If you want to make an artificial vertical garden wall, then a pallet container holder is all you need.

Just take a pallet board and stick it to the wall and hang the planters from there. The beautiful garden is ready to treat your eyes.

Make sure that the space gets enough sunlight.

6. Hanging from Rope

Plants Hanging from Railing

It is an excellent option if you love clay pots. You can attach ropes in the same distance and secure a row of pots from there.

You need to make holes in the plates and keep them secured with big knots. And your hanging clay garden is ready.

It is an excellent option for hanging plants like wandering jew, turtle vine, money plants, or even flowering plants as well.

7. Hanging from Pipe:

flowers hanging planter

If you have a vertical pipe installed on the balcony, then it will be a great place to showcase your plants outdoor. You can use macramé hangers or simple DIY hangers to dangle the planters.

If you still don’t have any pipe installed and have the provision, then you can also go for a copper one as it will look dramatic with colourful hangers.

8. Hanging Terrarium Planter

Hanging Planter for vertical balcony garden

For the people who look for a fancy option for vertical garden ideas for a balcony; a terrarium is a perfect option. You can grow succulents, moss, and air plant in it. You can keep this indoor as well.

9. Stock Up Pots

vertical gardening

The planter makers are coming up with a nice option for the vertical garden for the balcony. There are different types of stock-up planters available in the market that you will be definitely thrilled to check.

The benefit of this type of planter is that your plants get enough light and air circulation from all sides. Stock-up pots are good for all types of plants like succulents, vines, or shrubs.

10. Vertical Picture Frame

Vertical Planter for balcony gardening

If you are in love with succulents, then it is made for you only. This is the most artistic vertical garden idea for a balcony. You need a wooden frame and square planter to secure the plants. You can keep this outdoor as well as indoor as the showpiece.

These vertical garden ideas are perfect for the balcony of the apartment. So get ready and start planning and select the place and then choose the best plant for the vertical garden and fulfill your wish of becoming the plant parent in the small space.   


Author: Trilock

Trilock Chand Saini, a green thought leader loves to pen his experience to help the urban plant parents. His aim is to reduce the carbon footprints on this earth by encouraging people to take up gardening as a hobby. He comes up with tips and tricks that he has curated by his years of experience in gardening. He deals with different houseplants, edible gardening, and flower gardening all through the year.

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