Insulin Plant (Costus Igneus) for Diabetes {Controls Blood Sugar}

July 1st, 2022 | Post By Trilock
Cistus Igneus - Insulin plant for Diabetes

The Insulin plant or Costus Igneus is a wonderful plant that is known for its medicinal value to control diabetes. The Costus Igneus which is also popularly known as the Insulin plant plays an important role to reduce blood sugar levels naturally.

In India, many people suffer from diabetes, where the blood sugar level in the blood spikes. So, if you or anyone in your circle is suffering from diabetes, then this article about the Insulin plant for diabetes will be immensely helpful.

About Cistus Igneus / Insulin plant for Diabetes:

Cistus Igneus (C. igneus) is known as the miracle plant for diabetes. For that reason, it is more popular as an Insulin plant in India. Apart from that, there are a few names like a Step ladder, Fiery costus, and Spiral flag. The botanical name of the Cistus Igneus plant is Chamaecostus Cuspidatus and it belongs to the family Costaceae.

The native of the plant is South and Central America. Therefore, Cistus Igneus prefers tropical climates. Though this plant is native to America; it grows very well in the Southern part of India; it grows rapidly and is quite common to be found in almost every garden.

Costus igeus Insulin plant

How does Insulin Plant work on Diabetes?

It is said that this plant is a gift from nature to the people who are suffering from blood sugar. Consumption of one Insulin Leaf every day can reduce the effect of blood sugar quickly.

Diabetes is a metabolism disease where the body cannot produce enough insulin or the insulin stops response to the blood cells. The Insulin Leaves are very helpful in diabetes.

As per the study of NCBI along with other research organizations; stated that the right usage of the leaves of the Insulin Tree can control the blood sugar level. However, it is interesting to know that the leaf does not contain insulin or it does not help the body to produce insulin. Surprisingly, there is a natural component present in the plant that transforms sugar into glycogen that increases the metabolism process. This chemical thus reduces the spiked level of blood sugar.

The chemical of Insulin leaves is known as corosolic acid. You can find this acid only in the green leaf of the plant. It can reduce the fasting and postprandial hyperglycemia in the blood. Thankfully, there is no side-effect of consuming insulin leaves for diabetes.

Another study has shown that there is a relation between a diabetic person and the leaves of this plant. The leaves of the insulin plant are rich in protein, iron, α-tocopherol, β-carotene along with other anti-oxidant components. All of these properties together act like natural insulin to the body that boosts the metabolism of the body. In this way, Costus Igneus helps to control the blood sugar level of the body.

Fiery costus, spiral flag or insulin plant (Chamaecostus cuspida) leaves

What are the benefits of the Costus Igneus plant? 

The green leaves of Costus Igneus are known to treat type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Apart from that, there are many other beneficial properties like antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties

This plant has been recognized in Ayurveda as well. Since ancient times, people used to chew the leaves of the insulin plant to control their blood sugar. While chewing raw, it can leave a sour taste in your mouth.

This plant is also used to treat cough, cold, lung infection, skin infection, eye infection, asthma, diarrhea, uterine contraction, and constipation as well.

How to Consume Insulin Plant?

You can eat the leaves of the insulin plant on regular basis. You just need two leaves that should be washed properly. Now grind the leaves and dissolve them in a glass of water. Drink the glass of water on an empty stomach.

You need to follow the procedure twice a day preferably morning and evening. You can directly chew the leaves as well but it will leave a bitter taste in your mouth. You can see the positive result within one month of regular consumption of the insulin plant.

You can also dry the leaves and crunch them to make the powder. Now you have to take 1 tablespoon of powder daily. However, taking green leaves is more effective in respective to dry leaf powder.

Things You Should Know Before Consuming an Insulin Plant:

Below are the major factors that you should know before you start taking the leaves of Costus Igneus.

– You should consult with the doctors before start consuming the leaves

– Pregnant and lactating women should avoid this

– Do not consume the leaf of the insulin plant more than the recommended amount.

Fiery costus, spiral flag or insulin plant for diabetes treatment

How to grow Costus Igneus at home?

To get a constant supply of the leaf, you can grow the plant at your home as well.

It is very easy to grow Costus Igneus at home. You don’t need to take much trouble because growing and maintaining this plant is rather easy. You need to treat the plant just like any other herb. This is a very strong plant that is resistant to pest attacks.

Let’s take a look at the step-by-step guidance to grow insulin plants at home:

Location to plant:

To get the plant in its best position, you need to select the right location to plant it. When the plant is in the most favourable spot. To keep the plant thriving and full of foliage. Keep the pot of the plant in a place that receives plenty of sunlight. However, it does good in partial shade as well. Interestingly, it can suck water both from soil and air. For that reason, you can plant it near water.


To plant the insulin plant, you need to prepare basic soil. You can mix cocopeat, garden soil, and organic compost. Now dig 2-3 inches depth in the pot and keep the plant there. You don’t need to dig a deep hole to plant it.

Changing of Soil:

When the plant is fully grown, you need to change the soil. However, you can keep the texture and mixture of the soil as per your requirement. The plant is easy to maintain as it is not much fussy about the soil.

You can have different types of soil texture and quality like loamy soil, acidic, alkaline, clay, or even sand – this plant will thrive in almost all types of soil.

To get the best result; make sure that the soil is well-drained and rich in organic components. You need to add organic compost to ensure the excellent quality of foliage. Fertilizers can revamp the quality of the soil.

Winter Care:

To keep the plant healthy in the winter season, you need to add some wood chips or grass or dried leaves as organic mulch. You need to keep a close eye on the mulch so that it should not touch the stem of the plant. Make sure that there is no scope of over-watering of the plants during the winter.

When the temperature is 25 to 35 degrees Celsius; you can see the blooming of the insulin flower. Though the plant loves moisture, make sure that the soil should not be soggy at times.

Insulin plant pitcher-like yellow flowers of Costus pictus or Insulin plant

From Where You Can Buy Insulin Plant?

As the growing process of the insulin plant is quite simple. You can keep the Costus Igneus plant at home.

You can buy the insulin plant from the local nurseries. Apart from that, there are many online plant nurseries that sell this plant and many other indoor and outdoor plants. If you don’t find any local nursery that has this plant, you can always consider buying an Insulin plant online.


The insulin plant is a gift of mother nature that can help to control diabetes. The leaves of the insulin plant (Costus Igneus) reduce blood sugar levels, bringing them down to normal. Try to grow the Insulin plant at home and fight diabetes naturally.

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  1. I am thankful to you for sharing valid points needed to grow Insulin plant.I am a diabetic for a long years and want to get rid of taking medicines regularly.So I am interested to take medicinal plants to be cured from the disease for ever .No alopatheic medicine can cure any disease..rather through out the life we have to depend on pills .Besides plants purify our environment and mind too.

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