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We at Leafy Lifestyle - the online plant nursery strive every day to deliver top-quality natural live plants across India. With an aim to make this planet greener and reduce its carbon footprint, we intend to increase the adoption of gardening in every Indian household. Depending upon the user requirement and space available, We have a full-stack selection of indoor and outdoor plants from which one can choose and buy online. Happiness is what is required every day. Adopting Plants is a new and greener lifestyle we inspire to.

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Customer Reviews

June 28, 2022

Excellent customer service…

Excellent customer service and great quality product

Ajay Single, Bengaluru
5 July, 2022

Super plants and service

Would definitely buy again!Super service and super plants and super quality! They are…

Suraj Ahooja, Gurgaon
25 July, 2022

Well packed

Well packed, quality plants delivered promptly.

Shefali Goyal, Hyderabad
2 August, 2022

Great Verbena Lollipop plan…

Bought 3 Verbena Lollipop plants at a reduced price. Plants delivered on time, in exc…

Amit Tandon, Mumbai

Buy 1000+ Plants, Seeds, Pots and Gardening Accessories


If you are looking for online plant shopping in India; then Leafy Lifestyle is the most reliable nursery for it. We inspire the generation to adopt a green way of living that can bring calmness and happiness as it is the light that helps us to keep growing.

  • ● We deliver healthy and fresh plants to our customers in the best condition.
  • ● We make sure the packaging is safe enough to keep the planter and the plant secure
  • ● We have a wide number of plants of different categories like indoor, outdoor, flowering, pet friendly, and air purifying.
  • ● Apart from plants, you can also order planters, seeds, and gardening tools from our excellent collection.

Buy and Send Plants Online

Leafy Lifestyle brings you an excellent opportunity to buy and send live plants anywhere in India. Whether you want to buy for yourself or gift your loved ones; you have the option to choose from the exotic collection of plants and that too at a competitive price. This online nursery is a blessing for the plant lovers of India. Now you don’t need to go far for the hunting of your much-coveted plant and get it delivered to your doorstep.


1. Is it safe to buy plants online in India?

It is completely safe to buy plants online in India. They will ship you the plants with all the safety precautions. You will get the doorstep delivery of the live plants without any hassles. It also comes with all the written instructions and plant care guides so that you can take care of the plants. However, make sure that you buy plants from an authentic website.

2. Are plants cheaper online than at a local nursery?

The online nurseries are registered sellers of the plants. You can get a wide range of plants that you cannot get from the local nursery. It is always cost-effective to buy plants online as it gives you healthier plants. The price of the online plant nursery is transparent as everyone can buy at a fixed rate while local nurseries can trick you by selling a low-price plant at a high price. There is the refund and return policies available with many online nurseries. And finally, online shopping saves your precious time and we all know that time is money. So, buying plants online is cheaper than the local nursery.

3. What to check before buying a plant?

While buying plants online, there are a few things that you need to check. The plant you are purchasing should suit the climate of your locality. You can check the details of the plant and then only make the purchase decision. You can also check and compare the price of the plant on different websites. Make sure you are purchasing the plant from a genuine seller. And finally, check the reviews and feedback of the customers to learn about the service they received.

4. How do I start buying plants?

Online plant buying is very easy. You can start plant shopping from anywhere and anytime. Just browse all the available plants and select the one you love to grow. Just like you do online shopping for other things; you have to follow the same process. For any queries, you can reach customer care via phone, email or messages.

5. What is a good first-time plant?

For beginner gardeners, low-maintenance plants are the best choice. You don’t need to have many skills and understanding of gardening while growing those easy-to-care for plants. For first-timers, plants like snake plants, lucky bamboo, jade plants, syngoniums, dieffenbachia, and money plants are recommended. These plants don’t need much and can thrive in negligence.

6. How to buy plants from leafy Lifestyle?
  • Check the website for different types of plants. You can also filter on the basis of your requirement like indoor or pet friendly.
  • Select the plant according to your requirement. check the care tips and make sure you can provide the best suitable atmosphere for the plant to thrive.
  • Add the plant to the cart.
  • You can continue shopping or check out after finishing your selection.
  • Add the address to deliver (You can either buy for yourself or gift to others) and complete the payment process.