11 Plants that Give Oxygen at Night – 24 hours Oxygen Plants

January 14th, 2022 | Post By Trilock
List of Plants that give oxygen 24-hours / Plants that give Oxygen at Night

In childhood, we all read in science that plants give oxygen in day time but release carbon-di-oxide at night. So, it is not healthy to keep plants at home. However, this concept is not completely accurate. There are some exceptions as well. There are a few plants that give oxygen at night.

It may sound surprising, but it is true! If you ask which plant gives oxygen 24 hours; then the answer is not one but several plants come with the capability to deliver oxygen at night.

Till now, you may have heard that plants in the daytime do photosynthesis by absorbing CO2 from the air and as a by-product they produce O2. At night time, they release CO2 as part of their respiratory process. However, there are some exceptional plants that don’t do the reverse process and those are known as the 24 hours oxygen tree.

So, if you want to know which tree gives oxygen 24 hours then check out the rest of the blog to know more about them.

Plants that release oxygen at night:

1. Snake Plant:

snake plant on white ceramic pot

Many people scare to keep plants in their bedroom as they release CO2 at home and make the air unhealthy to breathe. In this respect; the snake plant is the safest plant for the bedroom because it tops the list of 24 hours oxygen plants.

It is a very easy to care plant which is an air purifier as well. Snake plants or Syngonium can also absorb formaldehyde from the air along with carbon-di-oxide. It does not need regular watering but you need to must avoid over-watering. Bright and indirect sunlight is the ideal spot for this plant.

2. Areca Palm Plant:

areca palm plant

Areca Palm plant is a quite popular houseplant but not many people know that this is a 24 hours oxygen tree. It does not only add beauty to your drawing room but also makes the air breathable by adding O2 and removing pollutants.

Areca palm is also known as golden palm, butterfly palm or yellow palm. The native of this palm is the Philippines and the Southern part of India. Indirect sunlight and partial sun are the two most ideal conditions of this plant. You must add water only when the topsoil is dry.

3. Aloe Vera Plant:

aloe vera potted plant

The benefits of aloe vera are innumerable. It is known as the most beneficial houseplant. Apart from the medicinal values; this plant also releases oxygen at night and makes the indoor air breathable. It can also absorb toxins like aldehyde and benzene. That’s why; it is known as the super plant.

Moreover, taking care of this plant is quite easy. It loves dry, sunny and hot weather. Just make sure not to overwater this plant as it is very harmful to aloe vera.

4. Money Plant:

hanging green money plant

In India, you rarely find any household without a money plant but not many people know that it produces oxygen for 24 hours. So, you can keep this beautiful vine in your bedroom as well. It helps in sleep disorders as well. The leaves of the money plant absorb toxins from the air and release fresh oxygen around the clock.

It is a very healthy option to keep the plant indoors. This easy to grow plant loves an indirect sunny spot at the house. It is a very popular Feng Sui plant as well. It is believed that it can bring good luck and prosperity to the owner. For that reason, many people prefer to buy money plant online.

5. Tulsi Plant:

basil tulsi herbal plant herbs

Tulsi is also an oxygen plant that has religious as well as medicinal value. It is a very common house plant that you can keep indoors at night. Tulsi is known as holy basil and the native of this plant is South-East Asia.

The leaves of the plant are used to treat the common cold, sore throat, asthma, high BP and cholesterol. It is also a very good inflammation controller and stress buster.

6. Christmas Cactus:

christmas cactus cacti succulent

The native of the plant in Mexico. Christmas cactus comes with the beautiful flowering plant which is also known as schlumbergera. Christmas cactus plants release oxygen at night and keep the air of the room fresh.

Though you can keep the plant in low light conditions, it thrives and produces many flowers when kept in indirect bright sunlight. To increase the flowering of the plant; you should water it less frequently. During the Christmas season, this plant comes with beautiful flowers that are full of nectar. For that reason, hummingbirds love this flower.

7. Gerbera Plant:

flower plant pot gerbera pink

Do you know gerbera flowers rank fifth in the list of the most favourite flowers in the world? This beautiful flower is the symbol of purity, innocence and cheerfulness. Thankfully; this plant also gives oxygen 24 hours.

It is said that people who are suffering from sleeping and breathing disorder get benefits from the gerbera plant. The flower of the plant is very beautiful. The plant needs full sunlight to bloom the flowers. Though it is an annual plant; it can survive up to 2 years if it is under the right care and conditions.

8. Orchid Plant:

orchids phalaenopsis flower

The Orchid plant belongs to the largest flowering plant family. This beautiful plant is an excellent choice for the bedroom because it releases oxygen at night. It also absorbs xylene, the pollutant we find in paint.

For that reason, it is a very good option for a home-warming gift. It will make the indoor air of the room fresh and breathable. This oxygen plant can grow in dry soil. The vibrant colours of the orchid flowers are of true beauty. The fragrance of the flower is used to make perfume.

9. Peace Lily:

Peace Lily on Stand

The beautiful green lily plant with lush green leaves and beautiful white flowers is a thing of beauty. Moreover, it produces a good amount of oxygen at night. So, you can keep this plant indoors to make the air fresh and full of oxygen.

It is a very popular bedroom plant as well. Many people suffering from insomnia get benefit from keeping peace lily in the bedroom. This plant brings a positive vibe as per Vastu Shastra and Feng Sui. You can grow this plant in a pot in garden soil. Keep the soil moist as it loves high humidity.

10. Neem Plant:

neem tree

Neem is recognized as one of the topmost beneficial plants in India. It has so many medicinal values. If you ask which tree gives oxygen for 24 hours, then the answer will be neem tree as well. It also absorbs CO2 at night time.

To get the maximum benefit from the plant, you need to keep this plant inside of your yard. As the plant is a natural pesticide; it will keep the bugs and insects at bay. The paste of neem leaves is used in different medicinal and therapeutic beauty treatments for skin and hair.

11. Peepal Plant:

peepal leaves buds ficus religiosa

In ancient India, it was believed that sleeping under peepal trees is good for health. The reason was the capability of this plant to release oxygen at night. It also absorbs carbon-di-oxide at night.

In the earlier time, the peepal plant is considered the holy tree and that’s why; it is known as the sacred fig or ficus religious. This plant also has medicinal values. It works in constipation, asthma, tooth decay and diabetes.

The urban gardeners do bonsai of peepal trees to keep this oxygen plant indoors. Both in Hinduism and Buddhism; this plant is considered sacred.

So, if anyone asks you now which plant gives oxygen for 24 hours; then you have the answer. All of the listed plants undergo a different type of photosynthesis which is known as Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM). In this way, they can produce oxygen at night as well and make the air of the room clear, fresh and breathable. You can keep some of these plants indoors.

Author: Trilock

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