11 Medicinal Plants You Must Have At Home

January 5th, 2022 | Post By Trilock
List of medicinal plants and herbs for home

Keeping medicinal plants at home is not a forgotten tradition of our grandparents. Even today; when we are becoming aware of the bad effects of the chemicals and taking a U-turn towards the Ayurvedic heritage preserved by our ancients. We have the treasure of natural remedies that we can use for health conditions like fever, cold, cut, and burns.

In today’s time; it is very important to keep the medicinal plants at home so that you can stay prepared for sudden ailments. Some of the house plants are the direct source of many medicines. So, the plant which is available just around the corner of your house can be the saviour in your distress hours.

Check out the list of medicinal plants that you can keep in your home and also know about their usage for the ultimate benefits.

1. Aloe Vera (Plant of immortality)

Aloe Vera medicinal house plant

The miracle plant which was known as the ‘plant of immortality’ in ancient Egypt has so many excellent healing properties. And surprisingly, one can easily grow this plant at home.

It works wonderfully not only for cuts, burns, and scars; it is also used as the therapeutic beauty resolution. It can also be taken internally to cure different digestive-related problems.

Here are the healing properties of the aloe vera plant:

– It can heal wounds, cuts and burns
– It can reduce the risk of infection
– It can control the inflammation
– The juice can cure digestive problems
– It is good for chronic constipation

2. Lemon Grass

Lemon grass medicinal house plant

This aromatic herb with medicinal value is hugely used by Indian households as the ingredient of tea. According to Ayurveda, there are so many health benefits of the lemongrass plant.

Some of the medicinal benefits are listed below:

– It cures some of the respiratory conditions like laryngitis and soreness in the throat
– It helps to reduce the high fever
– It has excellent anti-cancer properties
– It is very effective for any sort of pain like headache, abdominal pain, muscle pain, and joint pain
– The leave extracts are very useful to control nervous and stress-related conditions
– It is used in detox tea to reduce body weight

3. Tulsi (The Queen of Herbs)

tulsi medicinal house plant

You will rarely find any Indian household without a tulsi plant. The healing properties of this plant are well-known for the ages. In ancient Ayurveda, it is considered the “Queen of Herbs”.

Here are the benefits of the Tulsi Plant:

– The juice of the leaves is good for cough, cold, fever, bronchitis and other respiratory problems
– Tulsi oil is beneficial for earache
– It has a great potentiality to cure malaria
– It is also known to cure different gastrointestinal conditions like indigestions, ulcers, menstrual cramps and vomiting
– It reduces stress levels and blood pressure.
– The juice is also beneficial in controlling the cholesterol

4. Ginger Plant

Ginger plant

Ginger is a very popular herb that we frequently add in cooking. You can get this medicinal plant for your home. It comes with many health advantages that will keep you fit.

Here are the medicinal properties of the ginger plant:

– It works like magic for motion sickness and nausea
– It comforts in cold and flu
– Regular consumption of this herb reduces the risk of cancer
– The risk of blood clotting is reduced with ginger juice
– It boosts the metabolism
– It reduces the risk of cancer

5. Lavender Plant

Lavender plant

The oil of lavender is known for its stress-relief properties and it is also considered as the essential oil. You can easily grow this medicinal plant at home. You can use it as the ingredient of salad or can make an eye pillow with dried flowers.

Check out the healing properties of the lavender plant:

– It is very effective to relieve anxiety and stress as it is known as a mild anti-depressant
– The oil of lavender can be used as the antifungal resistant infection
– Lavender oil can reduce hair loss
– It can heal the wound

6. Fenugreek Plant

fenugreek medicinal plant

This Indian medicinal plant is often used in curries and parathas. It is always good to grow this plant at home as it can be used in different conditions. Both the leaves and the seeds are useful

Find out the benefits of fenugreek:

– It can lower blood cholesterol
– It is good to treat the inflammation and stomach ulcer
– It is good for weight gain
– It can drain sweat ducts
– It helps with poor indigestion
– It is good for bad breath
– It reduces menstrual cramp
– It reduces labour pain
– It works well for insufficient lactation

7. Rosemary Plant

Rosemary plant

This herb is used in medicinal as well as culinary usages. Many times we use soups, salads and staffing. It helps to bring oxygen to your brain and sharpen the memory eventually.

Here are some other benefits of the rosemary plant:

– It improves the blood circulation of the body
– It improves the concentration
– It is good for indigestion
– It is a great stimulator and an alternative to caffeine
– The carnosic acid of rosemary prevents brain damage

8. Peppermint Plant

peppermint medicinal plant

If you want to buy some medicinal plants that you can grow easily at home, then peppermint will be on the list. It has a cooling component and that’s why it is related to freshness.

The medicinal values of the peppermint are listed below:

– It works wonderfully for an upset stomach
– It stops the bacterial growth
– It can control pain related to arthritis and migraine
– It can reduce irritable bowel syndrome
– The immunity system gets a boost that improves body strength
– It is good for controlling blood pressure and hypertension

9. Marigold Plant

marigold medicinal plant

We generally see the marigold plant as the ornamental one because of its bright and beautiful flowers. However, this plant also has some excellent medicinal values. Both the flowers and leaves have some excellent healing properties that have been used for years.

See here the medical benefits of the marigold plant:

– It is good for arthritis pain
– The leaves of the plant have healing properties for minor cuts
– The marigold ointment is used for burns, insect bites, stings and inflammation
– It can reduce the inflammatory bowel
– Different types of eye conditions like inflammation, conjunctivitis and eye infection are controlled by it
– It can cure the haemorrhoid pain

10. Thyme Plant

thyme medicinal plant

Thyme is known for its anti-septic quality. This aromatic herb is popular in the kitchen as well. You can easily grow this medicinal herb at home.

You will get the following benefits from thyme:

– It works great for chest congestion, cough, bronchitis
– It is a rich source of manganese, iron, copper and fibre
– It can boost immunity
– It can be used as a disinfectant for the air pollution
– It reduces blood pressure and cholesterol
– It enhances the health of the digestive system

11. Bryophyllum Plant

bryophyllum plant

The Bryophyllum plant which is also known as panfuti is a miracle plant. There are so many other names of the plant as well. This plant is of succulent category and easy to grow at home.

The advantages of this Panfuti plant are:

– The juice of the leaves works wonderfully for diabetes
– The paste of leaves works on wounds
– A paste of burnt leaves and coconut oil is used for burns
– Roasted leaves with corn are used to prevent septic from cuts
– Consumption of leaves is used to cure urinary stones

Hope this list of Indian medicinal plants and their uses with pictures will definitely help you to know which plant you should buy. You can search on Google using terms like ‘plants nursery near me’ to locate the nearest plant seller in your area. If you don’t get enough good results or time to hop the nurseries; then you can also buy medicinal plants online.


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