Brahma Kamal Plant – Flowering Time, Mythological Stories, Medicinal Benefits

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brahma kamal flower plant - Also known as saussurea obvallata

In ancient Indian literature, we get the reference to the Brahma Kamal plant. It is a beautiful-looking white flower that was named after Lord Bramha, the creator of the universe. The flower of the Brahma Kamal plant is white and it looks like a beautiful star that spreads fragrance.

This indigenous flower of Uttarakhand, India is cultivated in a few parts of the state. The flower is bloomed for a very short period of time in places like Chifla, Pindari, Roopkund, Hemkund, Kedarnath, Valley of Flowers, and a few other places in Uttarakhand.

Brahma Kamal Flower Blooming Time: 

The flower blooms only once a year at the night. The monsoon months i.e July to October is the right time for the blooming and flowering of the Brahma kamal plant. It is believed that this flower is the favorite of Mother Nanda and that’s why it blooms in Nanda Ashtami.

Characteristics of Brahma Kamal Flower:

The botanical name of the plant is Saussurea Obvallata which is a thistle tribe of flowering plants.

Brahma Kamal flower only blooms after sunset. A single flower blooms only for a night. It takes around 2 hours to bloom the flower completely. The diameter of the flower is around 8 inches.

This flower also has a strong fragrance which is not liked by everyone. Surprisingly apart from Brahma Kamal, this plant has many names. The leaves of the plant resemble cactus while the flowers look like orchids. For that reason, the flower is called a cactus orchid by some people.

As this flower only blooms at night; it is also called the Queen of the night, Night Blooming Cereus, and Lady of the Night.

This flowering variety is considered endemic and rare. It is also known as the ‘King of Himalayan Flowers’ too. As the shape of the flower looks like a lotus, it is popularly known as Brahma Kamal.

Apart from that, there are many religious and auspicious aspects are related to this flower. For that reason, it is considered very sacred in Hindu Religion.

This plant also has many medicinal properties as well.

However, after knowing the value of the plant; many people want to have it in their collection.

Mythological Stories of Brahma Kamal:

Brahma Kamal Story 1:
As per the Hindu Mythology, Lord Brahma, the creator of Cosmos was born in the white lotus flower. The image of Lord Brahma is always depicted as he is sitting on a huge lotus while holding one in his hand. For that reason, it is named Brahma Kamal.

Brahma Kamal Story 2:
Another story of Ramayana states that when Lakshmana was cured after getting the dose of Sanjeevani Booti, the god and goddess showered this flower from heaven. After falling off the flowers in the earth, they took roots in the valley of flowers in Uttarakhand.

Brahma Kamal Story 3:
According to the tale of Mahabharata, during the exile of Pandavas in the forest, Draupadi was disturbed by the tormented memories of the insults she received from Kauravas. Along with that the hardship of living in a forest is taking a toll on the queen.

One day, she saw a beautiful lotus flower in a stream and the sight gave her immense happiness even in her distress. She felt the happiness as divine and spiritual. However, the lotus withered as soon as it bloomed completely.

She requested Bhima, her most devoted husband to collect one for her. In the quest for the golden lotus, he met the great Hanuman who was his elder brother. The golden lotus can be Brahma Kamal as both of them have many resemblances in features.

Brahma Kamal Story 4:
Another mythological story depicted the medicinal value of this plant. When furious Lord Shiva beheaded his own son Lord Ganesha, Lord Brahma created this flower.

He used the water from the petals of the flower to revive Lord Ganesha. In this way, Brahma Kamalam is recognized as a life-giving flower.

Botanical Features of Brahma Kamal:

The flower of Brahma Kamal has some distinct features. The flower head is surrounded by yellow bracts of the stout stem. While blooming, the flower looks like a star.

It has a strong and pleasing fragrance that attracts pollinators. While most people find the smell very soothing; others feel uncomfortable with it.

Homegrown of Brahma Kamal was not popular in past but now many people take interest in the present time.

Before the arrival of winter, you can plant the cutting in the cactus soil. The plant thrives in the rough soil of the mountain that has sands and pebbles. As the plant has the nature of cactus; it needs less amount of water.

Auspicious Features of Brahma Kamal:

It is believed that Brahma Kamal brings good luck and prosperity to the home where it blooms. Watching the flower blooming is itself a beautiful, divine, and lucky instance.

As per some ideology, experiencing the blooming of this flower brings good luck and prosperity. This is quite an auspicious yet rare occurrence. It is also said that the desires of the people who have watched it blooming have been fulfilled.

In many native tales, it is said that the flower is not only a harbinger of good luck and prosperity, but also it saves the homeowner from evil eyes. That’s why many people want to have Brahma Kamal so that they enjoy the auspicious benefits of the plant.

However, it is also said that you will enjoy the benefits more when you receive the Brahma Kamal plant as a gift.


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Medicinal Features of Brahma Kamal:

The reference to Brahma Kamal Phool as the medicinal plant is found in ancient Tibetan literature. Not only the flowers but also the whole plant is useful for the different conditions.

For its medicinal benefits; it is considered no less than the sanjeevani herbs. The price of the Brahma Kamal flower is expensive for the same.

So, here we will discuss the different medicinal benefits of Brahma Kamal.

Good for the Liver:
The smell of Brahma Kamal is very strong and bitter. For that reason, it can be a very good liver tonic. The free radicals that damage the liver can be reduced by it. The soup of the flower is good to cure the inflammation of the liver. It also increases the blood volume in the body.

Treat Fever:
The Brahma Kamalam flower comes with antipyretic properties that help to treat fever. In many traditional works of literature, we find the mention of Brahma Phool to treat fever. It is said that drinking the decoction twice a day is greatly helpful to get relief from fever.

Benefits in Sexual Health:
Brahma Kamal flower is good for sexual health as well. It is a proven fact that the antimicrobial properties of the flower protect the body against three strains of fungal and four strains of bacteria.

Among the bacterial strains, there are E.coli which can cause urine infection and S.aureus which is responsible for a skin infection while C.albicans is among the fungal strain that starts yeast infection in the genital area.

Brahma Kamal is really beneficial to get rid of genital infections and keep up good sexual health. This flower also protects against pathogens.

To Cure Cough and Cold:
To treat cough and cold, the flowers and leaves of Brahma Kamal are very useful. The inflammation of the respiratory tract can be treated with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

The Brahma Kamalam flower is beneficial for different respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis. The price of this flower is also on the higher side for that reason.

To Heal the Wounds:
The antiseptic property of the Brahma Kamalam flower helps to heal wounds. It can be seen that when the flower applies to any cut, it sticks to the wound and seal it to stop the bleeding. In this way, it helps in healing.

Good for the Nervous System:
As per the study, this flower is helpful to treat nervous disorders. Acetin, a Flavones present in Brahma Kamal is a natural anti-convulsant.

It also has different types of antioxidants like alkaloids, terpenoids, flavonoids, glycosides, and saponins which are immensely beneficial for the nervous system.

Miscellaneous Health Benefits:
Along with all the above-written advantages of Brahma Kamal, this flower has many other potentialities too. It is a great blood purifier for the body. It is very helpful in treating snake bites.

Many times, the components of the flower are used to treat plague. It can be also used for arthritis. The Brahma Kamala is proven to be beneficial for many health conditions including cardiology problems.

It’s a Wrap:

As Brahma Kamal has so many benefits many people want to buy the plant online. Though a little tough, it is possible to grow the plant at home. You need to prepare the soil with sands and rocks and pebbles. You can also use readymade cactus soil mix for it. Before purchasing the plant online, check the Price of Brahma Kamal with different sellers.

Hope your home will be flooded with the divine fragrance of the Brahma Kamal flower and you can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

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