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Money Plants

When the little green corner of your house helps to fill your home with positive energy and good luck; then there is nothing better than that. Pothos, which is popularly known as Money Plant is adored by plant lovers not only for its beauty but also for its auspicious value. The lush green heart-shaped leaves of Money Plant are a piece of beauty and people love to buy for themselves and gift as well on different occasions. The money plant derived its name as it is associated with the financial luck of the owner. As per Vastu and Feng Sui; it is believed that it brings prosperity, good luck, and fiscal benefits. Moreover, the plant looks so beautiful that it adds glamour to the home décor as well. For that reason; this plant is very popular all over and people love to buy and gift money plants online nowadays.

Golden Money Plant (Golden Pothos)
₹500 ₹299 (40% Off)

Golden Money Plant (Golden Pothos)

1 Reviews
Marble Queen Money Plant Hanging
₹450 ₹329 (27% Off)

Marble Queen Money Plant Hanging

Hanging Golden Money Plant
₹600 ₹325 (46% Off)

Hanging Golden Money Plant


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Money plant is a hardy plant and for that reason, it is a perfect choice for beginner gardeners. You can Buy healthy Money Plant Online from Leafy Lifestyle. It is not only a perfect choice for the hanging garden but also an excellent option to cover the wall due to its crawling and climbing properties.

We have a wide variety of money plants and you can select as per your requirements. You can buy a rare variety of pothos from Leafy Lifestyle at an affordable price. We provide healthy plants which are free from diseases. We make sure that every plant will reach you in the best condition as we ship them safely all over India.

You can easily buy money plants online from our website at an affordable price. You just need to select the plant, the required size, and the pot type and add it to the cart. We have lots of options to pay the price like Debit Card, Net Banking and Cash on Delivery and your product will be delivered at your doorstep safely.  

Types of Money Plants

Money Plant amazes with its wide range of variegation and leaf size.

If you want to buy different varieties of the money plant, you can check our online repository.

FAQ's for Money Plant

1. Is a money plant an indoor plant?

Money plant thrives in low light or indirect sunlight. You can keep this plant in your room but make sure the spot gets bright indirect light. It will be better if you keep the plant outdoor for two days a week and indoor for the rest of the days.

2. Can I grow a money plant in the water?

Yes, the money plant can be grown in the water. You need to cut with a node and place it in freshwater. Remember to change the water every 3-5 days. You can notice the roots in a few days.

3. How to prepare the soil for the money plant?

Money plant does not like water clogging. That’s why; you have to make sure that it should have well drainage for good aeration. You can mix a part of sand and compost with the potting soil so that the plant will thrive quickly.

4. Why the leaves of the money plants are dropping?

If the plant is in direct bright sunlight; then there is a huge chance that the leaves will turn yellow and starts to droop. The harsh light can cause problems in the plant along with dry and hot air. In that case, shift the plant elsewhere. Also, check the soil as well as it should not be wet all the time.