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How can I change the delivery address?

You can change the delivery address before we hand over the package to the courier. To change it, you need to call our helpline (No. 7414014244), or message us on Whatsapp (no: 7414014244) or email us at

How can I cancel an order?

Leafy allows a window of 24 hours after placing the order to cancel the order. Any order cannot be canceled once after the processing starts.

How do I get the confirmation of the order?

After placing the order, we will check with our repository. As we serve all over India and receive many orders in a day; we have to make sure about the availability of the plant. We send a confirmation email and SMS on the given credentials at the time of registration of the user for the order he/she places.

My plant does not look healthy after one month. What should I do?

Every plant reacts differently to the climate. We provide general care tips for lighting conditions, watering, pruning, and fertilization. For more assistance, you can contact our Helpline.

Can I send a gift to a different address from the website?

You can easily send plants as a gift from our website to any part of India. You just have to provide the Delivery Address which will be different from the Billing address.

Related To Order Shipment

When do I need to repot the plant I received?

Never repot a plant just after you receive it. Give time to the plant to sustain the transport and shifting shock. You can repot the plant after 10 days without disturbing the root system. We recommend keeping the soil media intact near the root while you can add soil on the periphery to cover up.

How do I care for the plant I received?

For every plant we have; there is a care instruction on the website. Moreover, you will receive a printed copy of care tips along with the delivery.

How can you assure that the plant won't die during shipping?

If you pack properly, the plant can be shipped internationally. We take utmost care of the packaging of the plant and make sure it does not hurt it in transit. We have only healthy plants on our website that are hardy enough to sustain the transport.