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Bamboo Plants

For the people who want to have some green addition in their home but don’t want any hassle; bamboo plants are the best for them. People with no experience with plants love to have bamboo in their drawing room or study table. This green beauty will make the area lively and beautiful. These are an excellent option for gifting as well for almost every purpose. Keeping bamboo plants indoors brings a positive vibe and energy. As per the ancient belief; bamboo plants at home will ease all the hassles and help to lead a happy and prosperous life. 

2 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant
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2 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

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3 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant
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3 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

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Types of Lucky Bamboo

2 Layer Bamboo: Buy a two-layer lucky bamboo plant online and send this piece of beauty to your loved ones as a gesture of wishing good luck. This small yet exquisite beauty is perfect for your desktop or corner shelf also. 

3 Layer Bamboo: The three-layer lucky bamboo is the most auspicious green gift that you can give to anyone. It will definitely add some positive charm around. This is a perfect indoor plant that you can place in your study or living room or even kitchen.

Feng Shui Bamboo: According to Feng Sui; bamboo is the luckiest plant you can have. You can buy it online either for your office or for home and it will bring positivity, wealth, and prosperity along.

Spiral Bamboo: To beautify the corner of your drawing room, you must consider this elegant beauty. A spiral bamboo is also an excellent option for gifting. It does not only add a positive vibe to the room but also enhances the aesthetic as well.

Lucky Bamboo Plants Online in India

Types Variety Services
Air Purifying Plants Spider Plant, Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, etc Standard Delivery
Lucky Bamboo Plants Heart-shaped lucky bamboo, Straight Bamboo, etc Standard Delivery
Succulent Plants Flaming Katy, Crassula Ovata, Jade plant, etc. Standard Delivery
Flowering Plants Dahlias, Marigolds, Watercress, Roses, etc. Standard Delivery

Care Tips For Lucky Bamboo: 

 - Keep it indirect bright sunlight

 - Do not keep the plant at extreme temperature

 - Do not use tap water

 - Add a drop of liquid fertilizer

 - Immediately remove yellow leaves