9 Best Vastu Plants for Home That Brings Health, Wealth & Positive Energy

November 15th, 2021 | Post By Trilock
Best Vastu Plants for Home

To make the home full of happiness, prosperity, and positive vibes; the Vastu plants for home are gaining popularity nowadays. It helps the positive energy to flow all through the space. Have some auspicious effects on well-being, and when you select and place them as per this ancient methodology; you will definitely get some excellent results.

Before we know more about the Vastu plants, let’s take a look at this ancient architectural science.

What is the basic concept of Vastu?

Vastu is an ancient Indian science of structure. According to this, there are five basic elements i.e Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and Space. These elements of nature are used to create a balance with a human by following certain practices. Eventually, it will bring peace, harmony, and prosperity to the life.

According to this, every object helps or prevents the flow of energy. Some objects are blessed with positive energy balance whereas there are some negative energy reactors as well. Along with the quality of an individual object, the direction to keep it has a direct influence on the gravitational force and magnetic field of the earth. When you place the auspicious objects in the right place; then the positive energy will strengthen and flow harmoniously.

Role of Plants in Vastu:

Growing plants in and around the house are always good. However, there are some special types of plants that will be considered as Auspicious as per Vastu Shastra. Apart from absorbing harmful gases from the air; Vastu plants bring good luck and positivity to the home as well.

Vastu shastra plants take a very important role to attract positive energy. Many eminent Vastu consultants suggest placing those plants as they bring tranquility and well-being to the home and also the dwellers.

To get the maximum effect of the Vastu plants; you need to place it in the right direction. Moreover, placing them in the wrong direction can bring some adverse effects.

So, here we will not only discuss those Vastu plants but also talk about the right place to keep them so that you will get maximum benefits.

1. Money Plant:

Though the name of the plant is actually pothos; it derived its name Money Plant for some obvious reasons. It has been believed that the plant brings prosperity and financial good luck to the homeowner; if you keep it in the right direction.

Apart from fiscal benefits; this Vastu plant also spread positive energy to the place and destroys negative energy. And air purification and stress relief are two major benefits of Money Plant.

Now you may find this plant quite commonly in many people’s houses and wonder whether it has some auspicious value for financial well-being. Let us tell you the secret that the location you keep the money plant is the key to your good luck.

Where to place money plant at home?

Whether you keep this Vastu plant in your bedroom, hall, or living room, make sure the direction is right. According to Vastu, the right direction to place a money plant in the house is the southeast direction. The reason is that in Vastu the owner of the southeast direction is Lord Ganesha and the ruling planet is Venus. If you place the plant in that particular area then it will remove the bad luck and shower with wealth and prosperity.

2. Lucky Bamboo:

Just like a money plant, lucky bamboo plants also get their name for their auspicious quality in Vastu science. This plant is considered lucky both in Vastu and Feng Sui. This tabletop plant attracts positive energy, good luck, peace, and prosperity.

In popular belief; the lucky bamboo brings fortune to businesses as well and for that reason, many companies prefer to have this Vastu plant for their office places. It is also the most demanding Vastu plant for home as well. many people prefer it as the Vastu plants in the bedroom because it spread peace and tranquility.

It is said that lucky bamboo brings blessing when it is gifted. So, many people prefer to gift this plant on various auspicious occasions like Diwali.

The number of stalks of the plant is also denoted a different meaning. While 6 stalks are for prosperity 7 stacks denote good health.

Where to place Lucky Bamboo at home?

Lucky Bamboo which is known as Dracena Braunii should be kept in the southeast or East corner of the house. 

3. Jade Plant:

In Feng Sui, the importance of the Jade Plant is immense. It brings an abundance of good luck and helps to flow positive energy all over the house.

It is one of the most favorite Vastu plants for home as well as office. According to this ancient science, the jade plant is a symbol of growth. The leaves of the plant look like jade stone which is also considered as one of the very auspicious stones all over.

This excellent-looking Vastu plant is a nice addition to your study table as well. The Jade plant has an excellent effect on flourishing friendship and bonding as well. This is another example of Vastu plants for money as it boosts prosperity as well.

Where to place Jade Plant at home?

The southeast direction is the best location for the plant. However, you need to make sure that you never place it in the bathroom or bedroom as it may fetch bad luck then.

4. Snake Plant:

snake plant in white pot

For good health, the snake plant is a good choice as per Vastu. The health benefit of the snake plant is proven by science as well. It absorbs toxins like formaldehyde from the air and creates a healthy environment.

Snake plants can also absorb carbon dioxide, even at night. The plant also has an anti-radiation property. It can absorb the harmful radiation of mobile and TV and keep you safe. For that reason, this plant is very helpful to have a healthy body and mind.

Where to place Snake Plant at home?

As per the Vastu, you need to keep the Snake plant in the southeast direction of the room. It is a perfect plant for the bedroom as well. It will help to reduce stress and promotes deep sleep. You can also keep it on the computer table or beside the TV as it can absorb radiation.

5. Palm Plant:

Among all palm plants; the areca palm is considered auspicious in both Vastu and Feng Sui. If you keep this plant in your home, then it will bring peace, prosperity, and good health to the dwellers of the house.

This plant also eliminates negative energy from the house and boosts positivity. The green leaves are the symbols of freshness in relations. It absorbs common pollutants from the indoor and improves the humidity as well. It also flows energy for well-being. This Vastu plant is good for home entrance as well.

Where to place Palm Plant at home?

One of the positive sides of this plant is that you can keep it anywhere. As per the Vastu, this plant can be placed in any direction. 

6. Peace Lily:

For those who love to have flowers in their house, the peace lily is a very good choice for them. Just like the name, this plant encourages prevail peace and prosperity to the household.

In Vastu, this plant is recognized as the symbol of love, peace, and harmony in the household. It helps to improve the sleep cycle and prevent nightmares.

Where to place Peace Lily at home?

The peace lily must be kept in the bedroom near the window where you will get maximum benefit. Make sure it will get bright indirect sunlight. As it thrives in humid conditions, you can keep this Vastu plant in the bathroom as well. The southwest direction is the best for this plant. The Vastu consultants also suggest keeping this plant in the bedroom if you are suffering from insomnia and irregular sleep cycle.

7. Rubber Plant:

Rubber plant

The Rubber plant is known as the auspicious plant both in Vastu and Feng Sui. The leaves of the plant resemble coin and for that reason, it is believed to bring financial prosperity to the home. If you are looking for the perfect Vastu plants for the kitchen or entrance, then it can be the answer.

This Feng Sui plant is known for its benefits in commercial success and addition of wealth. Moreover, this plant removes the toxins from the indoor and improves the air quality.

Where to place the Rubber plant at home?

It is believed that if you plant this in the outdoor or garden, then there will be no change. You need to keep a small specimen indoor to get the best result. You must keep this plant in the southwest direction of the living room to get optimum results.

8: Basil


Holy Basil or popularly known as Tulsi is considered a very auspicious plant in the Hindu religion. You will rarely find any household in India where you will not find this plant. As per the Vastu Shastra it is the most common house plant that brings good luck.

Apart from that, Tulsi is a wonderful air purifier as well. It absorbs toxins from the air and releases a good amount of oxygen. This plant also has excellent medicinal values. The juice ofthe leaves purifies the digestive system and circulatory systems.

Where to place basil at home?

As per Vastu, the location of basil should be in the North-East direction of the house. However, you have to make sure that the plant receives a good amount of fresh air and direct sunlight.

9. Chrysanthemum

baby chrysanthemum

If you want to add happiness and optimism in your place, then you should go for Chrysanthemum; preferably yellow in color. The brightness of the flowers induces positive vibes.

In Buddhism, the importance of the flower is immense. They decorate the altar with flowers. Chrysanthemum flowers are a very powerful agent to attract positivity and for that reason, they are considered as the symbol of good luck.

The flowers of this plant also induce the feeling of satisfaction, confidence, and brilliance. In many religions, they are used as offerings.

Where to place chrysanthemum at home?

To get the complete benefit of this plant, you should keep it in your living room. However, you should not keep it in your bedroom as the effect can be adverse.

All of these Vastu plants help to lead a happy, peaceful, and prosperous life that has an abundance of health, wealth, and good fortune. The green corner of your house will absorb the negative energy and energize the surroundings. So, select the right plant and keep it in the right direction to channel positivity and happiness in the home.


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