Unkillable Indoor Plants: 5 Must have Plants which are low maintenance

August 17th, 2021 | Post By admin
low maintenance zz plant

A slice of greenery is the refreshment of the mind. When you open your eyes seeing the morning sun brimming on the green leaves; your day will become brighter. To enjoy the view all through the year, you need to know the secrets to keep the plants alive.

Many times we do impulsive shopping and buy a beautiful plant without knowing the suitable temperature, humidity, fertilizer, watering and weather conditions to sustain the plants. If you want to try gardening for the first time; then you must start with the low maintenance indoor plants that are easy to care for, hard to kill and thrive in negligence.

So, here we are with the list of 5 unkillable indoor plants that will help you to meet your gardening goal without breaking a piece of your heart.

1. ZZ Plants

low maintenance zz plant

Forget to water for weeks or keep it in the darkest corner of the room – the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia a.k.a ZZ plant will thrive. It will not only survive but also flourish with emerald green foliage. It is the perfect choice for the corner of the drawing-room to enhance the beauty.

As the stems of the plant store water, the requirement of watering is very less and that can be done once every two weeks. You need to prepare well-drained soil that has perlite and sand along with regular garden soil. This plant does not like fertilizer much. If you want, you can add light liquid fertilizer once or twice a year.

The leaves of the ZZ plant accumulate dust quite frequently. Use a damp cloth to clean them.

2. Snake Plants

low maintenance snake plant

Snake plants or sansevierias are really tough to kill. They can sustain months without watering. Moreover, if your place does not have much sunlight, then it will stay happy in that corner. Apart from that, they are tolerant of almost all the standards of light conditions.

You need to allow the soil to dry completely in between watering. For fertilizing, you can use an all-purpose fertilizer in the growing season of the year. You don’t need to have a green thumb to keep this plant alive.

However, overwatering is the only thing that can harm the plant. Never overdo with watering especially in the winter. The soil should be well-drained because root rot is another major problem that can kill the plant. T

There are many varieties of snake plants like dwarf, longleaf and variegated that you can choose as per the décor of the room.

3. Pothos


Pothos or popularly known as the money plant is one of the easiest and popular indoor plants. This tropical vine has gorgeous colours and propagations that will suit the aesthetic of the home décor. It will also improve the indoor air quality and for that people like to keep it in their houses and offices. It can be grown in either soil or water.

There are so many different types of pothos like marble queen, snow queen, jade, Njoy, Manjula, neon, golden pothos and many more with bright variegation and colours.

They are moisture-loving plants and don’t really like completely dry out the soil. Water the plant when the topsoil is dry.

Bright indirect sunlight is the ideal position for the pothos. This light feeder plant does not need fertilizer much. Annual pruning is very essential to make it bushier.

4. Spider Plants

Chlorophytum spider plants

The bright and beautiful spider plant will enhance the beauty of the centre table for sure. It is a beginner-friendly plant that one can maintain easily.

The soil should be loose and airy as it does not like to be root-bound. Keep the soil slightly moist so that the plant thrives in bright indirect sunlight.

This plant is sensitive to the fluoride of the tap water, so try to add RO or rainwater. The end of the leaves falls over the edge of the planter and it makes the look more ravishing. Browning of leaves is a common problem of spider plants which is caused by either overwatering or under-watering.

5. Rubber Plant

Rubber plant

This evergreen tropical plant is an excellent addition to the houseplant collection. From the balcony to your drawing room, this plant is a perfect fit for every nook and corner of the house. The reason is that it can thrive in both indirect and direct sunlight. The soil should dry out completely in between watering. You should wipe the leaves with a plain damp cloth to keep the shine.

If you are new to gardening, then you should not invest in lots of plants altogether. It is a wonderful journey where experience can be gathered with trial and error method. Initially go with these unkillable and low maintenance indoor plants so that with time you can wear the hat of a skilled plant parent.

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