Lucky Bamboo Number of Stalks Meaning & Significance

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Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a good luck plant. Many people also consider it a very good omen to gift lucky bamboo plants to their friends, family, and loved ones. However, there is a secret meaning behind the number of stalks of the lucky bamboo.

If you see closely, you will see the lucky bamboo plant actually stalks the stems of a plant which is commonly known as dracaena. All the stems are equal in size and ties up with a red ribbon. Interestingly, the stems are arranged in stalks symbolling different meanings.

So, if you are buying lucky bamboo for yourself or for gifting purposes; then make sure you must know the meaning of the number of stalks of the plant you are purchasing

Lucky Bamboo Stalks Meaning and Symbolism

Generally, it has been said that more numbers of stalks bring more good luck and energy to your space. It can regulate the flow of positive energy and good fortune.

Let’s know about each number of stalks of the group of the stems and what impact it can have on your life.

1 Stalk Lucky Bamboo

1 stalk signifies simplicity and meaningful life.

1 Stalk Lucky Bamboo

The single stalk lucky bamboo is a popular corporate gift. It is a symbol of power, strength, truth, commitment, and prosperity. The number 1 is the representation of simplicity and the effortless yet meaningful drive of life.

It is a favorite for the businesses as a gift to the other associated companies because 1 stalk of lucky bamboo brings the promise to keep the business flourishing.

Generally, it is not very popular but if you want to build a good relationship with your stakeholders or associated companies, gift them the 1 stalk in a beautifully decorated vase.

2 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

2 Stalks are best for luck in love and marriage.

2 Stalks Lucky Bamboo - 2 Stalks are best for luck in love and marriage.

According to the Chinese belief, 2 is a symbol of luck because they believe that every good thing comes in pairs. Just for that, it is very auspicious for any relationship.

2 stalks of lucky bamboo are often used as the expression of love and that’s why it is gifted to the newly wedded couple or to the life partner. It describes the love between the sender and receiver of the gift. Along with that, it is also believed that keeping this in your place will strengthen the relationship with love and positive energy.

Many people think that two stalks of the lucky bamboo will double up luck.

3 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

3 stalks signify happiness and positive vibes.

3 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

The number 3 is the symbol of luck in Feng Sui. The arrangement with three stacks is a great option to bring prosperity and happiness.

The word ‘Three’ is related to living or being born. This number has a very powerful positive chi that signifies the new beginning of life or birth. That’s why the three stalks of lucky bamboo are the perfect birthday gift or new year gift for many people.

As per the ancient belief, lucky bamboo when arranged in three stalks can bring three kinds of luck happiness, wealth, and long life.

4 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

4 Stalks are almost never given because the number four could draw negative energy, according to Chinese culture.

4 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

In Chinese culture, you will never find four stalks of lucky bamboo. It is because the number four in the Chinese language sounds like the word death. For that reason, it is considered the representative of negative energy.

It is very rude or bad manners to gift someone 4 stalks of lucky bamboo as it interprets that the person wishes for the death of the receiver. So, it is suggested to avoid 4 stalks of lucky bamboo.

5 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

5 Stalks signifies success and are good for academic achievement and creativity.

5 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

There are 5 elements of nature – soil, water, air, fire, and wood. When these 5 elements stay in harmony with each other; 5 factors of life – happiness, prosperity, health, health, and all the factors of life touch the sky of success.

For that reason, the 5 Stalks of lucky bamboo represent balance, peace, harmony, and power. To become successful, one should keep these 5-stalks of bamboo at their home or workplace.

It gives the positive energy that will help to achieve the goal in life. That’s why it is good for academics.

Along with that, it is very beneficial for health as well. It looks after five segments of health – emotional, intuitive, mental, physical, and spiritual.

6 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

6 Stalks bring blessing to the place.

6 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

According to Feng Sui, the 6 stacks of lucky bamboo brings blessings that carry happiness.

The number 6 in Chinese sounds like luck. That’s why; we can say that it brings prosperity and advantages in order to bring greater wealth. Apart from that, 6 is double 3 and that’s why it carries the same type of energy just double in number.

So, to have more happiness in life and success in your professional life, keep 6 stacks of lucky bamboo in your space.

7 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

7 Stalks benefit health and well-being.

7 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

In the Chinese language, 7 is a very lucky number. This number denotes the number of colors in the rainbow or the number of days in a week.

In Feng Sui, the number 7 is the combination of 5 chi elements and yin and yang. That’s why; it has become a very powerful number in the culture of China. This number can bring harmony and balance in chi energy to all aspects of life.

If you place 7 stalks of lucky bamboo in your home, it will strengthen your relationship and bring more love and romance. This arrangement also signifies togetherness and that’s why it is very important for a joint venture or group venture.

8 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

8 Stalks signify luck in wealth and prosperity.

8 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

In China, the number 8 is considered is very lucky for business. In Cantonese culture, this number is of huge importance because it sounds like grows or prospers, or thrives.

The shape of the number 8 is very similar to the infinity symbol; thus it represents continuous success in business. For that reason, in China, most entrepreneurs believe to incorporate 8 in their telephone number, address, building floor, and even the name of the company.

Just like that, 8 stalks of lucky bamboo can bring wealth, success, and prosperity to the life. Moreover, it can improve fertility as well.

9 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

9 Stalks are for good fortune and overall luck. Bring positive vibes.

9 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

Number 9 is the triple of 3, so the goodness, luck, and fortune increase three times when you are using 9 stalks of lucky bamboo. Good lucks come with this plant and it is also very good to receive this plant as a gift.

In Feng Sui, the number 9 is representative of the high point in the cycle of energy. With the presence of 9 Stalks lucky bamboo at your place, you have the blessing to reach the pinnacle of success and well-being.

10 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

10 Stalks are the representative of completion or perfection.

10 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

Number 10 completes the cycle and for that, it is like the wish for completion of the journey with success and satisfaction.

If you have the 10 stacks of lucky bamboo at your place then it will bring a feeling of fulfillment to your life. It will bring all the happiness and success in your life. When you complete the circle of life, you will feel gratification for all of your achievements.

When you send it as a gift, it denotes that you wish the recipient will achieve everything in life.

21 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

21 Stalks are an all-purpose blessing.

It is the most powerful and blessed lucky bamboo arrangement. It is a symbol of stable and flourishing wealth as well as health.

Number 21 is the combination of both the auspicious numbers 3 and 7. And this way, it will bring all the positive energy and luck of number 3 which is multiplied seven times.

The lucky bamboo arrangement of 21 stalks brings a positive vibe to both the lucky numbers.

Stylish lucky bamboo

Apart from the stalks of the lucky bamboo, you can find some stylish and artistic bamboo plants in the market.

If you think that these are only for the home décor purpose, then you are wrong. Apart from the beauty of braided or curled lucky bamboo; there are hidden significances or meanings in those arrangements.

Tower of lucky bamboo: This arrangement of lucky bamboo denotes a brighter future. If you want to have light, success, and prosperity in your life, then bring the tower of lucky bamboo to your home and it will bless your upcoming life.

Braided Lucky Bamboo: The braided lucky bamboo looks so elegant, interesting, and artistic. The braided sculpture is very auspicious for the home. The double braided lucky bamboo will bring good news to the house. It also attracts new development in the business sector.

Woven Trellis of Lucky Bamboo: This arrangement is used to eliminate the negative energy of the place.

Woven Lucky Bamboo

Facts about Lucky Bamboo:

From the name lucky bamboo, you may have the idea that it is a category of the bamboo plant but it is completely wrong. The name of the plant is Dracaena Sanderiana and it is a member of the lily plant family. This hard to kill and the tough plant belongs to the rainforest of Africa, South Asia, and Cameron. However, in China, this plant is known as the symbol of strength, luck, fortune, honor, and power for years.

In Feng Sui, it is an enhancer of positive chi or good vibes. For that reason, if you keep the plant in your home or workplace, you will be blessed with success. Along with that, it is very important to take good care of this plant to ensure good health, vitality, prosperity, and benefits.

How Lucky Bamboo is associated with Feng Sui?

According to Feng Sui, there are 5 basic elements of nature and the lucky bamboo represents all of them. While wood is represented by the stem of the lucky bamboo, the earth is the stone or pebbles on the vase, metal is the container or the small coin, water is the main growing medium and the red ribbon is the symbol of fire.

If you can use this plant in the right way, it will bring harmony and balance to your house. Select the best arrangement for you to get all the desired benefits. Make sure, you have not placed the plant in the bedroom because it produces yang energy that disturbs the sleep process. Keep the plant at the wealth segment of your house or office desk. It is a very good omen to gift someone the lucky bamboo plants and express your blessing and good wishes.

Lucky Bamboo is India’s one of the favorite houseplant. You will rarely find any house without this piece of beauty. This low-maintenance houseplant is not only famous for its impeccable beauty but also for its capability to bring positive energy to the space. Lucky Bamboo is a symbolic plant in Feng Sui that has the ability to transform lives. Placing it in your home or office can really change your fate and invites good luck, prosperity, and success. It is the reason behind the name of the plant which denotes its association with good luck.

Finally, we can say that there is no shortcut to success. You need to work hard to achieve anything in life. There are a few times, you can see that your hard work is not appreciated or recognized on the work front. However, there are a few things that will help you reduce the negative energy and bring out the positive energy to encourage your mind and bring success. So, if you want to buy lucky bamboo, then find out which number of stalks is the most beneficial for you. You can also gift plants to others who need a little luck.


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