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Jade Plant

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You can easily buy Jade plant online from Leafy Lifestyle store. Jade Plants are very popular for their lush green foliage. As it comes under the succulent category, it is fairly resilient in nature. This fuss-free indoor plant is very easy to grow and blessed with long life. The Jade plant is originated in South Africa.


The care of the plant is very easy and simple. For that reason; many people prefer it to make a part of their home and office décor. The Jade plant is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. You can easily buy Jade plant online from Leafy Lifestyle store.


The Latin name of the plant is Crassula Argentea (pronounce as “Krass-yew-luh ar-JEN-tee-uh”). This is a perennial plant that loves dry air. It does not do well in humidity. Even the stem or leaves show an adverse effect of water on them. You need to be very careful while watering them. So buy a Jade plant online today and start feeling the positive vibe.

Jade Plant Requirements

  • Light
    Bright indirect sunlight
  • Watering
    Water once a week
  • Where to grow
    Where to grow
    Bright indoors
  • Maintenace
    Low maintenance
  • pot
    Special feature
    Toxic for Pets

Healthy Size Plants Only

Heathy Size
Jade Plant Care Tips:
  • ● During the growing season, use a mild succulent fertilizer that has a 10–20-10 or 5-10-5 ratio. You can also give water-soluble plant food occasionally. However; you should not fertilize jade plant during the winter because it is the dormant season of the plants.
  • ● For reporting, spring is the most ideal time for the jade plant. Whenever you will find new growth on the plant; you can prepare it for repotting.
  • ● For jade plants, the normal room temperature is the best. During the daytime, it can do good with the temperature ranging 65° to 75°F / 18° to 24°C but at the night they thrive in the cooler temperature. For that reason, the plant does good in winter when the temperature is around 55°F / 13°C.
  • ● The lighting condition of the jade plant should be bright and indirect light. The grown-up and matured plants can handle direct sunlight. You can keep the plant anywhere that gets enough light. It is a great option for kitchen and offices as well.

Customer Reviews

6 Reviews


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