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Aralia Balfouriana

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Aralia Balfouriana is an evergreen plant which will definitely add some freshness to your room. It is very easy to keep the plant happy and healthy. That’s why; it is the perfect plant for beginners. For its beauty and lush green foliage; it is loved as an indoor plant. Aralia has air purifying qualities as well as it can eliminate carbon dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the atmosphere.


As a house plant, Aralia Balfouriana is popular because it grows vertically, and has attractive, scalloped leaves, edged in white. Common names: Aralia Balfour, Balfour Polyscias, Dinner Plate Aralia.

Aralia Balfouriana Requirements

  • Light
    Bright indirect sunlight
  • Watering
    Water once a week
  • Where to grow
    Where to grow
    Bright indoors
  • Maintenace
    Low maintenance
  • pot
    Special feature
    Toxic for Pets, Purifies Air

Healthy Size Plants Only

Heathy Size
Aralia Balfouriana Care Tips:
  • ● The plant does not like direct sunlight. Keep it in a shade or semi-shade area
  • ● Do not shift the place frequently
  • ● Aralia Polyscias loves moisture so keep the soil wet. Never let the soil dry as it is harmful to the plant
  • ● Due to extensive root growth, it needs repotting every year
  • ● This low-feeder plant requires organic fertilizer periodically during the growing season

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1 Reviews