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Combo - ZZ Plant and Areca Palm

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Magnificent combo of ZZ plant and Areca Palm which adds a green charm both at home or office. ZZ is a rhizome plant that originates in Africa with drought tendencies. It has thick, green, oval leaves that make it look like stylized feathers. The branches grow in an elegant wand-shaped way, which starts thick and rounded at the bottom and then narrows to a point.


Areca Palm is widely used to illuminate the interior. It has feathers arched leaves and is one of the easiest palm trees that can grow indoors.

ZZ Plant and Areca Palm Requirements

  • Light
    Bright indirect sunlight
  • Watering
    Water once a week
  • Where to grow
    Where to grow
    Bright indoors
  • Maintenace
    Low maintenance
  • pot
    Special feature
    Air Purifiers

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